Don’t Split The Streams is an ongoing blog series covering music marketing topics. It specifically focuses on maximizing stream counts and download sales on specific streaming services and retailers such as Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, Beatport, Traxsource etc.

  • Will MRC / Billboard and Alpha Data / Rolling Stone merge their data platforms?
  • If an artist wanted MRC…

In our 5th installment of the series, I bring you up to speed on why I am exploring music marketing + the obsessive focus on stream counts, and retail sales charts

What’s missing in Spotify for Artists? Data Triangulation

“Don’t Split the Streams” is a blog series focused on independent musicians. The concept of not “Splitting the Streams” — well it means that musicians are better off from a marketing perspective, demonstrating a larger audience on a single music platform versus having smaller stream counts and sales numbers spread across multiple music services.

Selected blog posts and video content covering the areas of digital music, music business, and digital media.

Chuck Fishman speaking at A2IM Indie Week 2019 for Gracenote / Nielsen

Chuck Fishman (center) speaking at A2IM Indie Week 2019 ; a panel on music metadata

You made a record, where to which streaming services do you deliver it?

About triangulating Shazams to real world events, listeners and true music fans


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